Sanctuary of Soul

The path to becoming undone to whole, it’s never about setting an unreachable goal. No achievement will create the satisfaction you truly seek. One checked box only leads to another, a list crossed off only becomes even longer. Our inner desire to feel fulfilled is quelled by looking deep in the well. Uncovering your truth, breathing into the hesitation, this is where to find restoration. Conquering your history, where is the wounding? Your bravery is the gold to uncover your potency. There is no more powerful force than to draw from the darkness to find true seeing. The resolve to experience your most fulfilling life, to me is reached by walking into the strife. Existence surely provides plenty of opportunity, to build trust in your hearts resilience and uncover your ability. Empowerment and overcoming, gives you a respite like none other. No measure of success will provide such a sanctuary, your heart finally can feel untethered connectivity. There is no wealth that exists as rich as to let yourself be without critique. A great stopping of the constant forward grind. To cease endless striving, it’s against the grain. What we have been used to is to strive till the end, no matter the cost, no limit to pain. What is your truth in this very moment? That is your treasure, the gold and the gems. It’s a constant source, a comfort that transcends. A phenomenon of the divine, from confusion to peace. Your potential, untapped resides in this space. To quiet the soul, to give in and surrender gives you the glory you could strive for forever. Release yourself, you’ve endured through the storm. The mercy so wordless, to live without limits. Nothing left to resist, your reserves are diminished. Best to kneel down, empty the body, open your heart to the vastness. Speak no argument, set your soul free on the wind. No more constriction, tension or fight. The end of the tears, the end of the dark night. Stillness beyond your previous knowing. A reprieve, a wonder not before could you even imagine? A stopping, a new way to experience the world glowing. You are already whole, no striving will make this different. Your beyond measure, you are infinite. Your beauty, your gifts are ever present. This is so true, they can never be taken. To continue on in a ten step improvement, will most likely end in a disappointment. We have been told the strength is in the obtaining, the question is has this ever made you feel any satiation? A better you, more success. Is this the answer, is this the quest? Should we buy what the culture is selling? Does it make us feel anymore perfect? Is it the way, to serve this message? You need more wealth, your body is misshapen, your heart is unlovable, you need mending. More, more, more the force that drives us. Our evolution, our culture, survival of the fittest. The measure is cruel, it hurts us beyond our limits. We see ourselves against an unreal mirror. A reflection so impossible, a flawless happy. Our scars are our power, the cuts we carry. They give us our golden individuality. Your message is yours, find your truth, speak from your soul. The strive is fleeting, with no lasting rest. Possibly a temporary moment, but then quickly on to the next . We continue on in this insatiable contest. What are we chasing down? What if we caught it? What sensation exists at the end of this race? Our reality is a constant inner movement, we only recognize ourselves with uneasiness and burden. True happiness is available in this very moment. No need to stack up endless achievements, just breathe and let go into it!

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