Refueling Your Resilience

Preservation of inner resources seems to be more and more important, especially in this increasingly rapid world we find ourselves existing in. We are under relentless demands that often seem to have no ceiling. We are capable of bearing an unimaginable amount of burden, but does it make for a life with wellbeing and joy of experience? When we remain continually in the red, it creates a barrier to truly enjoying our time spent. I know when I am in physical and emotional debt I become reactive and short, with most of the time the people closest to me. How can we balance the scales? Where we continue to function, but ensure we will not be exhausted and running on autopilot. Taking time to reflect on your present state of inner emotion is a powerful tool in resetting the balance. Practicing sensing deeper into what is real for you now, helps to decrease reactivity and overwhelm. This creates a space to engage with your energy reserves. If you feel constantly on fumes and the fuel light has already been on for miles, it is best to take even a few moments to reassess your current state. Of course life doesn’t always afford us the time to take a break, but even small windows of recalibration can make a great difference over time. Preserving your peace of mind takes practice, but if your body is in a constant state of fatigue or slight overwhelm this builds until you just might get sick or unfortunately break. Restoration, when you find yourself depleted is a must if you are going to maintain your endurance overtime. I find even brief periods of time spent in natural surroundings can recalibrate the baseline back to easeful. Refocus your seeing on the beautiful surroundings vividly, hear the soothing sounds with texture. Even short walks with reciprocal movement can lull the system back from the brink. Brief time of sitting with a focus on the breath and internal body signals can help to regroup. It assists in getting you further away from your ruminating, planning, worrying mind and closer back down into a calm space within the body. Investigate the thoughts that drive your more difficult emotions of longing, fear or anger. What do they say, does it feel like your pushing away or on the run? Practicing gratitude is a great place to begin sensing deeper into the body. Feel into the heart space, visualize the object of your gratitude and love. How does it make your heart feel and give it flourishing language. To me a tranquility resides there that can restore clarity, ease, comfort and presence. A better space from which to proceed. An empty tank feels short of breath and hungry. To maximize our enjoyment and fulfillment, a practice or preserving and restoring is a necessity. I know as a wife and working mother I am often left feeling like I am climbing a mountain, but never reach the summit. We attempt to be all things for everyone and to me it’s unsustainable. Without tools to maintain or recover your inner reserves and to continue being spread too thin is costly to your health and ease of being. To keep your cup half full enhances joy and ability to provide for others without being consumed or drained. Running out of energy takes great effort to recover from, preventative action is always less expensive. To preserve and practice refilling before empty can create a life with satisfaction and true respite. Guard your gate and protect your peace, giving without recuperation taxes a life. Reflection on your needs, creates a more abundant well to draw from and enhances your wealth of giving. Settling the heart provides a sanctuary, take a breath and come to a true stopping. Self regulation is within your capacity, no longer a victim of external circumstances. Without this we are like flotsam in a storm, being tossed about. Cultivating deeper roots gives more firm ground and steadiness. Balancing your ledger instead of remaining in debt assists with resiliency, especially in times when we face the unexpected or if catastrophe strikes. When life’s shoe drops, having a method of recuperating the losses is key in enduring and prevailing even in the face of our greatest challenges. Even if we can muscle through, do we really feel alive or are we just surviving? Powering your resilience, provides your soul a sanctuary from which to draw restorative energy and create a fulfilling, connected and abundant life.

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