A Tapestry of Connectivity

The moments of love we share between, fill our souls with the strength to carry through. A sense of a full heart that helps to withstand any storm. A cherished glance or a loving embrace, are a powerful wordless force. The moments are the measure, brief spaces of loving presence add up to a fulfilling comfort. A smile shared or a wiped tear are the currency that supports our interwoven hearts. Love and caring for each other gives a sanctuary like none other, a river of lightness and soul quenching relief. A space to let go and feel deeply into another’s heartful soul, a miracle given to us from our births. Supportive words spoken or written, will bring you your own strength in return. An exchange based on leaning in towards mutual kindness and compassion. Our ability to withstand, will be shored up by our giving of presence and understanding. A powerful catalyst to share with the only expectation of bringing another comfort and respite. These moments empty the heart of fear and create a natural loving silence. A warm quilt to rest the weary. The reciprocal love will lighten the burden and create an ease so needed. A divine order, to provide a space to shelter one another. The reflection of one’s inner wealth brings them comfort and ability to overcome. Then, giving a new found strength to share it forward in a tapestry of love. This will be the fabric of comfort and support that will guide us together. Rising into a new dawn full of promise and connectivity. One where my hope is we will become one limitless love filled family.

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