Preserving Your Peace

Make space for preserving your peace and self compassion. To give without limits, you must also rest your heart. Breathe into your depths, enter your surroundings. Leave the worry aside to protect your reserves. Emptying the mind and body of strain creates the resilience to keep supporting. A window of respite can give a new source for caring. To push through without replenishing, our hearts becomes tired. We are caregivers naturally and give it all without hesitation. We care and support, we give and sacrifice. This source of love is infinite, but must be recovered. Your potential for caring is exponential. Protect moments to repair your body and heart. This provides a balance, where you can remain steady and clear. Move ever closer to you inner message, breathe and be brave. Leaning into your truth rests the weary mind and is a gateway to your source of love and sanctuary. A mystery this order, to quiet the mind enters into a stillness in the heart. Silence in the heart brings recovery and restoration. A method to slow the body and put down your burden, if even only for a moment. To then move forward and continue to provide loving relief to others in need. Resilience through resting the soul, creates a powerhouse that then radiates throughout. This gate keeping will protect your ability to endure and overcome. To march through the storm and to step into a new dawn will bring you a strength like you’ve never known. A building of trust in your heart and its ability to overcome.

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