Restoration of Heartache- A Tribute to My Mother Joan

Restoration of heartache, a tender space remains. Repair the bruising to take a new step and somehow begin again. A pain that was once unknown, now becomes the catalyst for your heart to restore. Listen deeply to your inner message, the current that flows below. Love cradles your wounded space, to bring comfort and strength. A giving in, a kneeling down, a river of love that surrounds. This limitless source just ever is, no question it’s our birth’s greatest gift. Once only hope for relief from immense burden, to a place of freedom to breathe in and enter truth’s reflection. This new dawn gives meaning to the longing. Without the grief you would have never shared such a love filled blessing. The measure of life is textured and full of brilliance. This is the importance of our fragility and impermanence. If there were never an end, I imagine little passion would we contain. We are beautiful and potent creatures. To love and to loose, gives richness to our being. Without the contrast, we would miss out on knowing the measure and the meaning. From love to grief, from lightness to heavy. A spark of divine presence blankets our heart to keep us steady. Stillness and silence contain this wordless freedom. A breath can be the gateway to your moment of open and clear seeing. Put down the impossible weight, it’s simply too much to bear. Enter into a sanctuary, let yourself just take the step. It’s alright to rest your weary heart, it doesn’t mean you let them go. It just strengthens the bond between the space, where loving memories flow. To truly see you live a moment of joy, is the wish they would certainly insist upon. Surrender into the place where happiness becomes the saving grace you can then live on. The gift to give yourself, to rest your broken heart. A space were you can reach out and touch the endless stillness, within the eternal current of pure loving existence!

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