Ease of Being

Humanities evolution of the instant critical thinking mind. A push from our origins of survival, a protective reflex from the past. A wheel of rumination, becomes a broken old record. The continual need to survey, or a constant sense of discontent. Observe this realization, is your thinking a shove or an unnecessary bully? Move closer to no longer visions of worst case scenario. A ceasing of late nights or early mornings, sleep keeps evading. Breathe to see the purity, the serenity surrounding. Undo the millennia of this looping negative habit. The heavy blanket worn too often, a sense of it’s normal or all too common. Uncover your natural state, it’s quiet beauty as silent as the growing trees. The quelling is an unreal overcoming, an expansive openness into ease. The love is yours, earned and a birthright. Your soul’s answer to the cry for respite and comforting light. The hearts overflowing exhilaration, the body the vessel. A no longer victim of the worn out chase, around in circles. The hearts desire for warmth, a river overflowing. A crawl to a stroll, a hovel to a dance. I see your possibility, I imagine your adventurous paths. Give your self the gift so divine, a practice to discover the joy can be revealing. A restful sanctuary filled with contentment and well being. A new state of seeing, shine the light ever brighter. Clear the way for your resting eyes, a view beyond measure. Your hopeful experience of embodiment of richness. You are a true beauty, your love is your wealth. A space of unknown comfort, a sense of true soul health.

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