Enliven Body and Soul

Lean bravely into the unknown, courage holds your sanctuary. Within the uncharted territory left unexplored, lies the creation and solutions to our inner wars. A leap of inspiration, a footing uncertain. Reaching toward a new way of seeing, a view less obscured. A first breath so open, a freedom never known. A soul less unsteady or broken. Respite a novel sensation, a well deserved relief. Give away your tight grip, the tension the pain. The freedom and openness, where once an immense strain. A new trust in your strength, a confidence in your overcoming. Brings a practice of stretching further beyond the limits of your current knowing. Fall wide awake into the immense sensation your body contains. Look within to contact the depth of emotion, all the joys and the pains. Rest with what is present, no longer a distance or separation from the core of your heart. Delve deeply into the feeling, reach further beyond your previous awareness. Open to the infinite current of contrasting possibility. From hard to easy, heartbreak to loving connectivity, it’s all a vast plane of divine beauty. Awake and vivid, vibrant and alive. Everything without a barrier, the quest to live without strive. Once cloudy and barren, no luster or texture. A new view of soul through the window of the heart. A fluid movement of openness into potency, without limitations. A place to take a new step, to make a fresh start. A territory uncharted, a vast frontier to explore. We seek together a wonderment of new terrain. Full of color and boldness, a trail we blaze. Love has it’s own frequency, a dance of the rain. Listen to the sound, it is a song of true freedom. Immerse your being in the beauty that contains your peace and liberation.

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