The Currency of Existence

Your strength has been built, you’ve withstood all the storms. This endurance has been tested to help you overcome the odds. The heaviness of today will be lifted. You will then feel your lightness from burden, no resistance. When weight on your back seems impossible to bear. Put it down on the path, breathe in the healing air. Rest your weary heart, give in and let be what is? Your resilience depends on your willingness to let yourself rest. Keeping up the inner fight indefinitely, drains all the resources. Stopping brings you the place of beautiful transcendence. Peace, silence, stillness and clarity. These sensations simply should never be a rarity! A gift freely shared, no one has the advantage. An even field, this expansive and wide vantage. To see the moment without a barrier gives a sanctuary, a space to repair in. The meaning in heartache is difficult to touch. My only understanding is the delicate beauty in the fleeting. Something that lasts forever brings little feelings of pull or needing. To love big, is to live fully. The longing is the reflection of the wholeness of your relationship. Life is made up of moments, theses moments give us meaning. No question, love lost is worth the great pleading. I believe it’s the catalyst for the measure of your hearts journey. The currency of existing the balance of a soul eternally. Rise up my friend your are a tough soul! You have made the hard choices. You now hold the gold. The dark nights you weathered, the long days you walked through. This is your time now, your gift is so true. The great love you have shared will be your grace. The sanctuary within, golden and contains your beautiful everything.

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