Born to Rise

We were born to rise my family in this current. Our past struggles and scratching for achieving satiation. The pain and the breaks, bring inner strength to become expansive. Strain brings a crack, through the crack shines a light. This light guides the way through even the darkest of night. An untried existence brings no turned over stones. No seeking salvation, safe harbor or shore. When things are easy we simply remain. Unchallenged means unchanged. It’s the mother of invention, to need a new solution. When the pressure gives no more options and there seems no question. You must turn around and walk in a new direction. One step, one breath to a promise of true freedom. A source to finally let go and find peace in. When the burden seems impossible and you question how to continue. Rest in the hope there is a safe home to shelter you. To never give in, to never say die, brings a source of the soul to live on and try. We are meant to overcome, its what we are created for. Our ability to endure seems underestimated or questioned. When we demonstrate growth and resilience, we find ever increasing energy to undertake challenge. Into the unknown, beyond our understanding, a space that provides a fountain of inspiration. Potential, creativity and beauty spring forth from the healing of old hurts. To rise we are drawn toward. To reach beyond our courage into the night, the darkness, the scourge. This is our beauty to find a way to continue. To endure, to conquer what seems the impossible. Our hearts are a powerhouse, a stream of loving compassion. It’s through building trust in our small victories, after sometime becomes a fortress of expansion. From hope to seeing, once a glimmer to an ocean so gleaming. Out of the darkness like a moth to the moon. To feel your inner strength is a salvation beyond words. This place of liberation, a given glory. Stand tall, write your meant to be story!

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