Sanctuary of Silence

What is your burden? Where does it reside? In these challenging times we are facing, the existential tendency of grasping onto continual thinking to find comfort is more and more likely. Investigation into these thought driven emotions brings greater awareness of the habits of mind. The tendency to connect difficult thoughts, one after another is just unfortunately the human condition. We evolved to be critical thinkers to ensure our survival. Which has proven to be immensely successful, as there are billions of humans. However, is it great for well being or ease? When you can’t get very far away from thoughts it can become consuming. The down spiral, can take your thoughts into the rabbit hole of worry very quickly. These thoughts can loop or chain and are very connected within the minds pathways. The practice of resting with whatever is present no matter what, is the tool to uncovering your peace. To be absolutely in contact with the truth, whether easy or distressing is the path to an open and free breath. When you have a realization that you maybe catastrophizing your situation, a stopping can be essential for restoring yourself to a calm resting state. There is a shifting from worry, to a space of sanctuary. A transmutation of difficulty to more manageable place. This process of course takes a practice, but is invaluable for a lifting of weight and struggle. It assists with entering into a silence, where once there was a noisy mind filling in all the sounds. The inner monologue of hedging your bets to predict an outcome is impossible. It’s never what we imagine anyway. We attempt to think of all of the worst case scenarios to help us better adapt to all of the challenges we might possibly face. However, life has no true predictability. Things change every moment in a dance of undetermined winding direction. To have serenity and respite it is best to stay very close to the now. A middle place where you are not being pulled backward into an unchangeable past or forward into the uncertain future. I recently started to say, remain in this five minutes and this five feet. It is most likely much easier there no matter the current strain, than streaming yourself ten years into the future of unfortunate possibilities. It is not important enough to practice staying as close to your present truth as possible. The reality there brings respite, a place that is more doable and comforting. A solace from the pressures of worry that weight down the mind, physical body and soul. When you empty the vessel it can be a surprise, but one that is just the rest you have always been hoping to experience. It gives a reprieve from a constant thought stream that seems so very typical, but is also insatiable. To enter into a sensation of enough, is beyond wordlessly restful. It creates a connectivity to your surroundings, a place of unconditional loving presence that blankets the heart. Bringing a sense of living an authentic experience and not just weathering one storm after another. Giving trust and courage to overcome and lean ever further away from the familiar habits of bracing. This creates a platform of more ease and restoration from which to proceed. A release from hesitation and friction to a quiet serenity to shelter the soul.

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