One True Breath- A Framework For Well being

Questions to Investigate

What is your truth? What do you wish was a truth for you?

Who or what gives you restoration or respite or joy?

What is your greatest challenge right now?

What do you to to decompress or find respite from difficulty?

How does your heart feel? How does your stomach present? Is there physical hesitation or tension present?

What is pulling you constantly forward? Is it a fulfilling preoccupation or does it feel like a drain?

Resources for Restoration and Preservation

Walking mediation – The reciprocal movements of the body lulls the vestibular system. Natural light, sounds, breeze on the skin, beautiful views naturally cleanses away the tension. Walking is a great preparatory activity prior to sitting meditation. It brings you closer to the flow of being, where a stillness and clarity exist.

Breathing practice- Using the anchor of the breath to shift from the thinking mind to the calm within the body. Even brief windows of focusing in on the breath can assist in regrouping from chaotic to calm resting. Reorienting on the breath when under strain can bring reprieve and restoration.

Interoceptive investigation – Seeking the sensations within, to create transmutation of more difficult emotions driven by repetitive thoughts. Improving the ability to rest with whatever sensations exist in the here and now, whether easy or difficult.

Object of awareness shifting – Utilizing the senses to shift awareness from seeing to hearing, to the sensations of the skin, etc. Shifting from one sense to another and back helps to reorient the system from consuming thinking, improving awareness of the calm within the body.

Recognizing the patterns of thinking- A practice of observing thoughts and investigating the source more fully and then breathing and entering into a more calm natural state. This practice with repetition overtime, assists with being more aware that you are lost in a stream of thinking.

Body scanning- Investigating into the bodies kinesthetic awareness with where the sensations or tensions reside, can assist with creating more knowing of your current state. To look deeper into the somatic experience of emotions within the body is a tool to further decrease overwhelm and create calm resting.

Benefits of Being Verses Thinking-

Clarity and emptying of existential pressures.

Freedom from chaotic body sensations/ physical pain.

Quieting a constant voice for more objects, thoughts, etc and resting into ease of being.

Improved connectivity and compassion for yourself and loved ones.

Skills for self regulation and regrouping when under immense demands.

Firm ground for if an unfortunate catastrophe strikes.

Ability to contact life with less barrier and creating a more openhearted freedom filled view.

True restoration and not just holding on in a constant drain.

Access to what is truly present with less dissociation or unawareness of emotions.

Improving trust and courage to overcome and lean further away from the familiar.

A sense of living an authentic experience. Not just getting through one storm after another.

A way to fill the cup and stem the sieve of continual losses of energy.

Becoming to see the unknown as an adventure.

Habits of the Thinking Mind

Negative thoughts are busy, chaotic and consuming. We are conditioned to have habits of grasping, controlling, bracing and having a tight grip. Difficult thoughts are draining, inefficient, painful and are a result of habits or patterns useful for survival. They are looping or chaining and create a stream of difficult thought driven emotions within the body.

Ease of Well Being

Awareness brings clearer seeing, peace, quietude, freedom, sanctuary, respite, reprieve, restoration, contentedness, satiation, satisfaction and a way of stopping the forward pull. A sensation of enough, emptying the body of existential pressures and giving a sensation of wholeness. Providing a release, a surrendering, a letting go and an understanding of the impermanence of fleeting moments. It is flourishing, beautiful and brings vividness, clarity, bold texture, awe inspiring views and an incredible sensation of stillness and silence!

I am hopeful this framework provides you a respite from difficulties. Giving you a sanctuary and a rest well deserved! I wish you joy on you journey! Amy

One thought on “One True Breath- A Framework For Well being

  1. Lots of hard questions there at the begi You have to train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or you’ll lose yourself every time 🤍

    #HappySaturday ❤️ nning! Wonderful help and answers to those hard questions. As always I love your feeling and thoughts and words.

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