Wonderment of Existence

From the inspired openness arises a clarity of being. The once clouded over, becomes clear seeing. The cloak of burden once so heavy and a toil. To first walk in freedom, a sensation to expand the hearts fertile soil. A grief to mourn the heavy past so crushing, a joy to celebrate the newfound weightlessness unbounding. A wonder to enter into the silence, the question remains how is one so graced? A eye opening beauty, so vivid and vibrant a space. The wings of the raven rise up and ready to take flight. The power to soar, the lofting above the old fight. A freedom beyond any imaginings, expansive and limitless. A dance on the wind, one with the wordless. To once live in the darkness and pressure, then to find a glorious lightness. A hopeful heart always kept the forward steps, a now knowing soul so thankful for the persistence. A brutal fight ended with a giving in. A kneeling down on a trail worn so thin. The reaching and strive seemed the likely answer. The misunderstanding to keep up the gainless struggle. To let it all go, a step into the wild mysterious yonder. A flight of fancy, a wisp of the will. A wonderment of existence to live and breathe an ever expansive breath. The breeze to guide the flow, the myst to frame the steps. Golden sight beyond understanding. A life of love, a soul fulfilled and wordlessly expressed.

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