The Possibilities of Uncertainty

A wondering of how we can find meaning from this current storm of uncertainty we find ourselves existing within? A time when we are all longing for many missed things, like spending time with our loved ones or especially for our young people who may be unable to experience their rites of passage. This is certainly not a reality any of us would ever choose, but here we all are and how can we see a silver lining? One hopeful result of this sheltering in is a slowing down of pace. Bringing a quieting in, a space to really have an opportunity to stop and reflect and maybe decide what is your true purpose? We have been existing within a rapid culture that was ever increasing in it’s rate. An unsustainable and insatiable situation, where being in constant motion towards a moving finish line seemed the acceptable norm. I am hopeful now a time has come where we can listen to the voice of purpose without the burden of distracted noise. A current of stillness, where a message of inspiration exists. Another beautiful gift of this circumstance is a growing sense of community, a oneness. The sense that we inter-are and are not islands unto ourselves. The benefit of relying on one another. A bringing together of community, a common shared reciprocal experience of understanding. To be provided the chance like never before to reach out and relieve another’s burden. The power of overcoming is another possible positive outcome of this time of uncertainty as well. Untried and unchallenged brings little change. Simply, when we are comfortable we are often complacent. When things are easy we remain. A sense of lack or carrying a weight, is a great catalyst. It can bring a sense of overcoming and a sensation of satisfaction that is immeasurable in it’s potency. This time of heartache is a challenge that can bring out our courage and bravery. Finding this strength can be an evolution of us, that might possibly bring out the very best of what we contain. A potential that without this challenge we would never come to know. A beauty we were born for, a creation of our resilience. Throughout our history, experiencing uncertainty lead to questioning, bringing ingenuity and new solutions. Adapting is how we always have risen to our challenges. This growth may be incremental and not seen on the surface, but underneath we are finding ways to make progress. A silent march, that with every strain we can choose to give and stretch ever closer to our greatness. This is our potential, it’s always been the human process. We are built for resilience and creation. The more pressure we sense, the more we naturally respond. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This time can be our becoming, a darkness to light our fire within. From the broken pieces we can build our legacy. A deeper space where meaning and beauty resides. I believe this space can light a spark of hope that will sustain us and carry us through to a time of creativity, purpose, meaning and beauty. An untapped expansive potential we have not yet had to opportunity to explore.

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