The Truth of Emotion

It is very likely that for most of us there is an increasing sense of tension right now created by our current circumstances. At least this is a truth for me. I find myself feeling guilty that I should remain in a calm restful state, but struggle to obtain an easeful level of being for any duration. I thought about how the extra layer of “should-ing myself” was only further exacerbating my level of constriction. I realized that for all humans, we have evolved to be quick to react when stressed or encountering danger. It seems likely that the current world conditions are sending out signals to adapt or face threat. In my experience awareness and mindfulness are used to decrease habitual consuming thought streams, to bring peace and a sense of ease. It is also taught that if threatened you don’t just sit there in bliss, by all means react to defend the body. It seems that environmental demands being placed on our bodies and nervous systems make our uneasiness justified and valid. The inner tension is a direct reflection of our individual response to avoid being annihilated. To protect ourselves, families and community. A simple evolutionary response to a sense of lacking. Therefore in my opinion right now, it seems that demanding even more of your stressed body is too much to ask. To rest in the now ultimately requires a direct relationship with what ever emotion is present within the body. There is a new term described as “toxic positivity”, it is where you attempt to force an inner truth of emotion with positive thinking to change your reality. This is impossible as emotions always tell the truth, no matter what you try to think. I believe the best way forward is the same as it has always been. To gently move closer to the sensations in the present now. I think the awareness that these current sensations may be a bit more of a challenge, though very understandable is the key to respite. The concept of self compassion is also integral to this restoration. The forgiving of the self if overtaken by reactivity. If yelling occurs, to have the recognition that it is only the overflow of an overwhelmed system. Returning to the sensations of over reactivity within the body is the first step in overriding this quick response. The breath is the anchor, the emotion is the barometer and the calm shifts the continued behavior.

One thought on “The Truth of Emotion

  1. Again, you hit the nail on the head, so to speak! How right you are! It calms me to read this and know that others are going through the same emotions. Thank you for sharing.

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