Replenishing the Heart

Without the sunset we would witness no dawn, no storm clouds without calm. This is the rhythm of our existence. The moments of love we share between, fill our souls with the strength to sustain. A sense of a full heart that comforts us, a cherished glance or a loving embrace are a most powerful source. The moments are the measure, brief windows of loving presence add up to a fulfilled and abundant existence. A smile shared or a wiped tear are the currency that support our hearts to endure. Love between gives a sanctuary like no other, supportive words to comfort and shelter. This sharing of yourself, brings you strength to walk forth with courage. An exchange based on mutual kindness and compassion, our ability to withstand will be shored up by our giving presence and understanding. These moments empty the heart of worry and bring a natural loving silence, a warm quilt to rest the weary. The reciprocal love will lighten the burden and create ease, a reprieve so needed. Joy given enlivens the heart, a smile to mend the tear. A divine order, to draw us closer to provide a space to shelter another. The reflection of one’s inner wealth brings them comfort and steadiness to carry through. Then a new found strength to share forward this truth. This will be the fabric to endure, a shelter of love and support that will help us rise and restore. A new dawn full of promise and connectivity, one of hope for healing and loving prosperity.

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