The Sanctuary of Grace

One hard truth, this sensation of immense uncertainty. The heart in worry, to grasp and brace takes boundless energy. To make order an impossibility. To endure, fall below the chaos. Leave behind being tossed in the waves, seek the calm under the surface. The space of stillness, breathe in and revive. The warmth, the beauty, the silence the grace. Release the grip, edge the battle. The time has come to rest within the eye of the storm. To end the argument with the bodies constriction, to care deeply for your dear soul’s burden. You are pure beauty, let go of the illusion. The brutal and relentless thinking is unneeded and wounding. Your birth is a gift and your freedom is certain. The love we contain is meant to shelter. The beat of the heart, the rhythmic music of the souls solace. Breathe in and slow the rate, feel the divine sanction. The alleviation will be necessary, the quiet a space of lessening pressures. The eyes see without a haze, the sound is free and a symphony so tranquil. A hope filled palace, a promised castle. A home within the heart, to shield the grief and anguish. A heaviness unbearable, to endure will require a release of the desire for order. A serenity resides in the complete letting go into the moment. Sense the heart and own it bravely, accept the belly and cradle it gently. The truth of the here and now will be the gate. To run will be more pain that you should not take. Come to a stopping, release your march. Kneel down and breathe out, close your eyes. Let the love free, no more resistance to the eternal vein of your true home, a sanctuary.

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