Listening to Your Truth

The teachings say to cultivate deep listening to improve connectivity within relationships. So, to me the person’s voice you hear the most is your own. Therefore, true listening to your voice is a continually available practice for you to find the foundations of connectivity within yourself. To practice a silent reflection of the absolute truth you contain no matter what. One method that is currently being used is emotional granularity, this is the idea of breaking down your emotions into the smallest of pieces. To label them with the most detail and specific description to better make sense of and to improve awareness of your feelings. Practicing expanding your emotional vocabulary, is also measured to increase self regulation and ability to tolerate difficult and stronger emotions. Utilizing the lens of investigating closely into the label of the emotions to find the original cause of the sensations. I have also grown to understand that the realization to stop trying to shove down the very truth of emotion is very crucial. You must end the effort to manipulate the sensations within. To attempt to observe the idea of how you have been conditioned to believe you should feel or what will be acceptable to society. A pre-prescribed false set of expectations or constructs placing constraints on your ability to not judge your own sensations. Of course the idea is to remain true to yourself and maintain kindness and beauty. At the same time please do not ask yourself to observe a manipulation within yourself. One that is not a mirror of your truth, but a perceived acceptability of what one thinks will be seen as compliant. This will be a powerful honesty that resides in the body, assisting in helping you to stop retracting away from difficult sensations. An empowering place where you can hear your true voice and stand tall. To face whatever the experience actually is. Where you will find an expansive place of freedom and move away from hesitation and horrible self judgment. Your thought driven emotions should not be another factor to punish yourself with. There is most definitely a fine reason to feel the way you feel. I believe when there is an internal forcing of the heart, it creates suffering and more layers of burden to add to the list. A shame or guilt that you should maintain the feeling of generosity or compassion all the time. Most likely at least for me, this is a complete impossibility. It’s likely that the challenging emotions of anger or resentment just may be built upon unfair treatment. However, in the end the causation is of no consequence. The forward movement is to find the absolute closest thing to your true voice as you can muster. To practice the anchor of the breath and listen to your body. There will be a deepening in the sound of your calling. Your persistence in resting in the reality of your own experience can give you the freedom you so desire. To end the chase and the constant inner movement toward or away from the friction. To have the courage to be steadfast and face whatever is present and tell yourself the truth. An unfathomable place of the foundations of resilience, where the transmutation of struggle occurs and shifts into ease and freedom. The home of your authentic voice and the calling to your life’s purpose.

2 thoughts on “Listening to Your Truth

    1. Yes dear, I have been cultivating deep listening for years, however just recently I began to notice how much internal argument I was having about the actual content of my thoughts. I was feeling strained by negative or not beautiful thinking and I realized it was just one more pressure I needed to release.


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