Reviving the Heart

Respite untouched, a life in a constant drone. No breath to ease the sorrow, what to do? Just hold on again until tomorrow. The fight seldom conquered, a sense of being broken or vanquished. Darkness a mire, steps forced to keep the movement, no glide or a rhythm. A storm cloud consumes the existence, sheer will one’s only resistance. Pain fills the days, without ability to feel the warmth of the true sun. Eyes in a glazed over habit, no longer knowing how to see without shadow. A body exists in a heavy burdenous state, the soul carries on in an endless wait. Relief simply so far away, not taught or revealed. An endless wandering in a swamp, steps slow and unbearable. A heart turns hard and the beat goes quiet. Hardly a glimpse of life, silent refuge so distant. A question of how to continue with the pain so persistent. A broken heart, a longing so deep. What should a soul do, just kneel down and weep? This is the spaciousness to enter and become unstoppable. The surrender, the ending, the letting it all go. Strength begins to expand where the suffering once was. The soul becomes stronger the light fills the rifts. A new beginning, a wonder for the once crushed. What is this new potential? An energy that moves, an eternal source never known. A light sparks the heart, a comfort beyond words gives movement towards a new dawn. The future without limits, your unknown destiny. Where in the past there was a dearth, no wonder or possibility. In a moment has become a space filled with wisdom and curiosity.

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