A Sanctuary for Mending

Is it a constant thread of worried thoughts, hedging your bets to prevent a terrible lot? In the end it’s never what you imagined anyway. This uncertainty is a constant companion, that if you let it will steal the days. The shoe that might drop, invades and consumes the years. Cease this pattern of controlling the future, it’s all empty unpredictable fears. To experience the present now, provides a stopping of the feeling of unease. These sensations of discontent with what ever currently is? Lean ever closer to your lived sense within. Facing the moment’s truth, brings it closer to a place where you simply can be still. Would it be easier to surrender in courageously or continue the slow drain? Life is filled with impermanence, the only certainty is the uncertainty. This fleeting and fragility is what makes life have it’s beauty. If we were never to have an end thing would become flat and without texture. The real freedom in it all is to see it without a barrier of hesitation. The rawness so full emotions from easy to the intolerable, no separation from the body and soul. Openness an untethered heart, a gift to yourself to find this natural state. An undercurrent that flows eternally gives a reprieve from the intensity of constant worry. Your glory resides in resting with what ever exists. Experience courageously you hard truths, it’s your best option. To come to grips with whatever you have been given. Delve bravely into the depths of your soul, whatever exists there is your unlimited gold. From easy to unbearable, give in to your truth. Rest in the ground of your being, the sensation of freedom will be your proof. An ending of continual fearful thinking, an entering into an open space. A lessening of intensity, a slower natural pace. A mirror of nature, she’s never running. You contain this flow of beauty, the sanctuary for your soul’s mending.

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