A Love Story

It’s all been for the now, the movement of the century. A forward embracing towards the face of divine beauty. All we have done was to reside in this peaceful now. I sit amazed at this happening, how? A wedge to hold the door open. A moment in time, embodying our hearts natural rate. A crystal soul, heaven’s gate. We carried the weight, we carried the great burden. A lessening strain, free to stroll. Take the breath, cleans your weary soul. Rejuvenation of the body and home. A time for reflection, a time for growth. Sew a garden of seeds and joyfully watch love blossom. The bouquet is more beauty than one’s eyes can fathom. Seasons of splendor from lush to barren. It’s all a gift a life so full, a bountiful living. Weave a gossamer lace of energy that flows thorough eternity. A connectivity to bond and unite humanity. Our one soul, a union through no time. Free the vibration, hear the calling. Our love beckons through the mist. Listen with your whole, it is a whisper at the first. Then becomes a symphony to dance your life’s path. A love filled abundant wholeness, a bridge to the last. Awaken a shift to the source of it. Feel the predestined movement you are meant to flow within. Dance, twirl and fly you are an angel you make us come to life. A longing to see your face of beauty. Your body is filled with a radiant gift. A shared goodness to bind the masses and stem the old rifts. The meek are the rich, they contain their power. The courageous give away the sun and embrace the shadow. A ripple from your soul, to sail on the wind. The breeze carries your message, the circle is full. No barrier or fence, it is now an expansive and beautiful view. No more darkened or dim existence. A lightened carry, so heartfull and free. I simply can’t wait to write our true love story.

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