A Liberated Heart

The curious and potent emptiness of the shift into no pain, the healed tender heart. The still echo of eternal rest found within, a ceasing of endless bracing for an easier way. Beauty beyond any measure, the gate was your sorrow. The sea once overwhelmed, then turns into pure potential. An abundant liberation, love answers all query’s? Endless wondering in the dark, then shifts into a bath of warm celebration. Quench the thirst of 1000 years of blight. No limited measure of worth, a level plane of expanse given by entering into this life. Potential builds an unlimited bond, gathering together no longer a great chasm between. Exponential growth unknown, an endless wonder time of united living. Constriction an old worn out history, a dark time of lacking. A lesson of the sorrow created by being divided, a sense of existing in anguish within the gap. A cessation of longing for an unknown beauty. A desperation, a pain never truly told. A grief of what one lost, once no wealth to hold. A dearth of ease, a never known gold. Hurt wordless, a pressure so heavy. Unseen, unshared, a lonely held so closely. Hidden fear, oppressive emotions always stored so deeply. A separation from the body, sensations so distant, so undercover. A realization, an opening into real truth of feeling. Come alive to the sense of free being. Breathe into the heart to unlock the old burden. Seek deeply the pain to end the cruel hurting. A realization of what felt like and eternal struggle. A final clear seeing of the congested heart, the mind shrouded and troubled. Unfathomable emptying of noise and suffering. Once covering the pure love, one had been so blind too. Beauty fills the new opening, a pouring of golden stillness. A vessel once a sieve, becomes filled with a powerful peace overflowing. A moment of grief to honor the long past sufferings. True happiness becomes a novel experience. A never emotion, then brings a moment of memorizing unknown? What can this quiet loving emptiness even be? The mind no longer in worry, a body in first true peace. Stillness a gift, a driving message. A ceasing of movement, a surrender into bliss. A quandary of why this seemed so unattainable? It makes all the sense the pain of an imprisoned heart is brutal and unsustainable.

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