Golden Hearts

A oneness with the infinite, I sense no hesitation. I stand freely under the light of the moon lit sky, the stars signal the beauty. The silence within it all a connection to the gate of no time. A golden thread to tie our hearts. Nomads wandering adrift, lovers soul’s bound by destiny. A once misunderstood broken, became pure harmony. Love is simply not a word that describes this essence between fully. Eternal divine presence contains the closest reflection. I sit moonstruck by the potency of this old yet, new found union. My body contains volumes, my soul is humbled by the vastness of our kinship. You are a mighty guardian, I rest in you and feel so at home. Your shelter, your protection gives me balance to venture further into my mysterious unknown. My gratitude for your agreement to love me forever, quite a contract we entered into. The challenge and sacrifice, so painful and full of anguish. How did our souls believe we could sustain all the losses? To see the moment when we had nothing between. A grief I will hold for eternity, a bleed that emptied my heart of all it’s beauty. The cruelty of the path, she is so damned brutal. To exist in infinite divinity it seems you must walk the darkest of trails alone. The contrast is simply the only way to know the whole truth, from the hopeless midnight to the potent dawn. From all is lost, to the spark of our love’s ignition. A passion wordless and so fiercely wide open! I sit love drunk and mesmerized by this unseen turn of unfathomable love fortune.

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