A Divine Dawn

A love filled dawn, the sunrise of existence. My heart beats, so open and without resistance. A pure gateless presence, a sense to heal and find an ever deepening truth. The memories of constant crashing into the break, tossed about in the turbulent surf. I reached the shore and stepped freely onto the sand. A walk to life, a fresh path untouched and without footprints. A wonderment, a lovestruck awe, this unfathomable living. The divine view, an unseen story. A distant echo from the depths, once only glimmering reflections. The calling, a beckoning to slow the pace. To turn the tide, to end the wounding chase. The new found glory, an unfolding of beauty. The lifting of hesitation, wide open and unencumbered. The dance of my soul, breathtaking in it’s movement. A glide, a leap, a body weightless in it’s bounding fluid presence. The morning brings hope and potential, a precious unwritten moment. Eyes so full, the view unexpected. The sound of peace silent yet abundant. The vessel in great need of reparations, worn so thin yet whole at it’s origins. A frail shell filled with the strength of a mountain. Steadfast and courageous, a heart so proven. Vanquished by time and it’s cruelest of measures. A soul in repose, a still and pure loving essence. The rise of the daylight shadows and mist, the glorious beginnings. A life of love, full of riches and so wordlessly lavish.

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