A Happy Life- Habit Energy Vs. Ease of Being

Experiencing ease of being is never about a one and done situation, at least not for the majority of us anyway. It requires an all in sincerity and a moment by moment recalibration of the system. From the very beginning , I have utilized training to the breath as a gateway to enter as closely as possible into the truth of each moment. I have practiced movement meditation and carry it throughout my entire day. No matter where I am, I focus on the awareness of my body, breath and sensations of my environmental landscape. In the beginning maintaining awareness for even a moment was a great challenge. I had a nervous system that had practiced hyper vigilance and reactivity for 35 years. To rewire the brain takes a dedicated practice. Over time, my windows of awareness have increased in both frequency and duration. I have become increasingly able to go from a disassociated constant thinking pattern, to more moments of ease of being. Repetition is required for all learning, especially in uncovering patterns of old inefficient habit energy. From a constant state of rumination, to a stillness and silence from existential friction and constriction. If you have a worn out method you must move towards a novel way, if you ever want to experience a different result. This at least for me required a wholehearted, courageous, never give up attitude. The question always is, are you happy with things in this present? Or what does the moment you are still seeking contain? Find out where is your destination and then I believe you must use every possible method and strategy to overcome the deeply ingrained habits you are so very use to. This is also always a path you must walk alone. It is deep inner work, where there is a constant facing of the truth within yourself. Every moment you experience contains a message? What is your state within this now? Is it easefull or stifling? Whatever it is, whether experienced as good or bad, easy or difficult, get as close to your emotions as you can possibly muster! You can tolerate the difficult sensations, you already are. The movement is to transmute this suffering into the present now that contains a quiet peacefulness. A clarity and truth, a beauty and the connectivity your heart so deeply longs for. A very important practice is prioritizing, recognizing and investigating, is this thought stream of constriction really worth it? Does it add to my joy or benefit? Is it driving me endlessly forward in a repetitive manner that feels like going in circles? Monitoring the content of what you allow into your environment is vastly important. Question, is it purposefully irritating, incendiary or to make me feel an increasing sense of lacking? Is it a product of unease? Our culture is filled with lacking in all forms of media. It is sold to stir the emotion and to increase desires for endless consumption. It is a vicious cycle of an insatiable craving for more. This hunger never releases it’s grip, as it is based in our survival, however you can come to realize you are caught up in it’s pull. Further more, true joy and happiness are never about excitement or a shiny moment anyway. These brief moments are fleeting and cannot sustain you. A base of ease does however, give the great benefit of enhancing these awesome moments when they do occur. So get quiet, it’s free. Be alone with no external unnecessary stimulating content. You don’t need any fancy accouterments, they are a distraction. Get involved deeply with all elements of nature. Your sanctuary has always been available within. Seek that still comfort and fall below the rapid and chaotic race of the everyday structure. This is a place of simplicity that contains everything. An easy space where true wealth resides. A stripped down emptiness, yet simultaneously so abundantly full. A life so worth living, one filled with a vividness and potency. Your satisfaction with life depends on every new fresh moment and how you decide to fill it. These moments add up to hours, days and years. How does your long view look? What can you do in this very moment to make this future you envision come to life? Take a breath, take a step, find your truth and let it unfold?

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