A Path to Equality and Empowerment

True wealth resides within the heart and to tread on this is unjust and cruel. To propagate inequity is beyond my understanding and is unfathomable at it’s core. It has been said before and in various ways, that you can never legislate an unconditional loving heart! In my belief this is very true and besides continuing to provide crucial legislation protecting equality, there would also be a great benefit of a parallel method of unburdening the beauty of the marginalized and oppressed. Working to strengthen the resilience and ease of the marginalized is a powerful way to create a beautiful community and country. Whether the rational for placing an individual in a box of lesser, is based on race, gender, socioeconomic status, age, ability, physical or mental health, etc. it all requires the worn out construct of othering. To use uglification to devalue another and in an attempt to protect one’s own security. All humans evolved to quickly and reactively make judgments based on differences, to ensure conditions to survive more efficiently. However, over time this has created an inverted view of the true value that resides within every individual. The unfortunate truth is, that when you tread on another’s freedom and peace it is always fleeting and unsustainable. There is never lasting satiation and it is an endless craving, without fulfillment or a sensation of true stability. The oppressor benefits in a continually finite way on their victims. They require constant submission and compliance to continue to feel secure within their habit structure. Finger pointing creates a sense of lacking and a clamp within the accused and just creates further division. The function of these constricted habits is that if challenged it could be a risk, as they will always push back to preserve their power and controlling ways. To interrupt these patterns they would be required to take a deep look into their beliefs and have the recognition that they are harmful to others, as well as themselves. I see it as a consumption of souls, that creates a wound within the hearts of the vulnerable as well as the cruel that continually saps their lightness and ease. The solution, as I see it is to of course continue to strongly voice opposition to these broken cultural constructs, however simultaneously creating conditions for freedom and ease in the populations that are continuing to be oppressed. Increasing strength and inner wealth through calming every individuals system and then intern entire communities. To create a reflection of strength within all individuals, therefore requiring the hate and cruelty to move away or transform themselves when they see their own dysfunctional patterns. To provide a stable base of loving support, a platform of security for the weary heart. A prioritizing of creating conditions that quiet the hyper-vigilant system. Families, communities and a country built on connectivity, unconditional understanding and shared trust. Our current inverted conditions have created very difficult realities with epigenetics, which play a powerful role in the mortality of the marginalized. The strain from an environment with a difficult history and it’s negative impact on the mind, body and spirit, creates the next generation of children’s self concepts and view of the world. Their ability to have trusting relationships within their society, has an impact that can last a lifetime. Stigma is dangerous and should be brought to light, the way it increases shame, guilt and fear within a person and steals their freedom to access their lives with ease. We learn to hide in plain sight for fear of being exposed as somehow lesser. This is at the base so broken, as everyone by birth is deserving of being seen with the same intrinsic value. I believe that if freedom and loving beauty continues to be crushed down by the ugly, it will continue to be very difficult for a person to feel strong enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable. To work towards expanding and sharing forward their truth and beauty. If they are completely overburdened by the base need of survival and their system is continually threatened, it limits access to creativity, insight and interconnectivity. Not always, but likely the individual will dissociate and remain shut down cutting off their access to their true voice and potency. If the burden of centuries of inequality were to be lifted, I believe the potential would be unfathomable and quite possibly exponential. For empowerment is learning to trust yourself and your strength. To have a recognition of the endurance you already contain based on the burden you have carried for so long. Increasing your ability to be vulnerable and decreasing signals of hesitation. Taking a risk when in the past you would have held back. It requires a practice of regulating and calming the system and resting with whatever is courageously. To support creating a society based on providing loving and satiating support, versus one based on finite consumption of resources and power hoarding and control is more important than ever. One where the true value of every individuals perspective is seen as a high value. There is absolutely never a certainty of which individual, if given the opportunity might have an insight into how to preserve this beautiful world. To continue to make limited judgments based on any factor, especially at this time in our history is dangerous to our continued ability to remain viable on this earth. In the long view, the collective future of all of our children will depend on each individuals moment by moment decisions in the now. Remaining fearful and cruel is dwindling and inevitably will create a limited outcome. Sharing hope, loving presence, understanding, restoration and comfort are the keys to our combined possibility and our universal true hearts desire to live in contentment within a peaceful fulfilling home.

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