America the Beautiful

America it seems is a contrast between the greatest of beauties and the greatest of pains. Her origins were of a native people with wisdom of her majestic natural landscape that were devastated by immense violence and lack of understanding. She then became filled with the strongest of people from around the world who contained a vast amount of cultural gifts as well as an irresistible drive to risk it all to leap as far away from their epi-genetic curse as possible, hoping for a new opportunity. She then experienced a horrific window of time where people were stolen from all they had ever known and brought to a strange land filled with cruelty and lacking. These beginnings have created a storage of pain and suffering that has never been addressed because of the constant message to crave and push towards obtaining material success and not the true wealth of autonomy and ease of being. It seems now with the lack of occupations of survival including creating food and shelter, compiled with the lack of meaning and purpose, we are left with pent up energy that has never been meant to be satiated by distractions. This has left one thousand generations of unresolved pain exposed in a sour mash of dysfunction, as well as a potent well of untapped inspiration, creativity and innovation. I believe understanding our family origins is crucial for understanding both our cultural gifts as well as collective traumas. To move forward with the awareness of how both of these factors have influenced our broken and beautiful pieces. What rules to leave behind and the rules to use to move lovingly forward. What sensations of pain or cyclical generational coping do you contain right now that have you chained to a brutal past and what wisdom and knowledge can you keep to create a beautiful society. One filled with true freedom, autonomy, restoration, peace and loving presence. Sovereignty for our nation will be found within each individual citizen’s heart. Within their freedom from fear and ability to courageously listen deeply to their true purpose, coalescing collectively in a truth of what this awe inspiring land was destined for.

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