Guarding Your Energy Gate

Energy sink holes, quick sand, traps or down spiral triggers:

Anyone or anything who turns up your self doubt and steals your authenticity. Awareness of the sensation that you feel the need to protect yourself from judgment. You wouldn’t allow anyone to siphon your actual bank account. If all of your time is filled up, you will need to prioritize making open space for growing your good and be very aware of what fills your cup or drains it?

Procrastination or avoiding, drains energy and blocks you from initiating tasks and saving time for more preferred restorative activity. Moments add up to days, weeks, years and lifetimes. If you have to do it eventually, starting now can conserve energy draining thinking.

Rumination, the past can’t be changed, so if it was difficult see it as a lesson. The future is always uncertain and attempting to predict can fill the day. The present is where to find autonomy and a freedom filled life.

Energy shields or restorers:

Resting you physical vessel before in deficit. Walking mediation, rhythmic, reciprocal movement. heavy work tasks, interoceptive awareness of emotional landscape.

Imersion in beauty. The natural world, arts, music, dancing, science or anything that speaks to you or your children’s soul. Environmental factors are the content within which your experience unfolds.

Inch towards novelty and away from comfortable old habits of cyclical familiar stuckness. The powerful one step, one breath, one thought. Initiation begins within the courageous one. Old wisdom should be kept and broken coping mechanisms should be let go of.

Joyful engagement with friends and family who make you feel comfortable to be your authentic self. Listening deeply to a child’s truthful perspective can be the most rewarding.

Writing to empty the heart and make room for something new. Thinking can consume time and remain stuck in a broken cycle. Writing can assist you in finding your deeper truth and freeing you to create open space to fill with ease. The page requires nothing from you and can give you freedom from mind grinding thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Guarding Your Energy Gate

  1. I just love this advice Amy❤️I journaled in the past and realize now that this is just what I need to do again. My heart has been so heavy lately with consuming thoughts and repeating the same negative behaviors. Its time for change and I thank you for your beautiful writing of encouragement and hope for a better fulfilling future with less worry and hope ❤️

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    1. I am so greatfull that you have found some truth within my writing. I truly believe the more aware you can become of your underlying thinking mind the more peace and freedom you will experience. Love to you dearest! ☺️💖


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