Embodiment of Vitality

Efficiency of the body and it’s energy is vital for well-being and longevity. Rushing around with the mind in a whirl is taxing and creates injuries, accidents and cumulative stress illness. Muscle strain and body tension builds, especially in the upper back, neck and face. If we stop and complete a check in, we may find that our eyes are tired, ears are ringing, teeth are clenched, tongue is tense and our head is leaning forward and out of balance. When shoulders are rounded the chest is tight, the lungs are limited, the breath is shallow and the nervous system reacts accordingly. We become overstimulated and reactive, which eventually leads to burnout. Inversely, to maintain a noble chin, tall back, shoulder blades back, ribs up posture, frees up the diaphragm and assists the nervous system in observing confidence and strength. Posture has been found to influence sense of self, mood, stress tolerance and vitality. Breath is life and slowing down to complete simple activities can be preventative and restorative practices. To increase and improve awareness of our rate and accuracy of movement enhances energy consumption. Mindful walking when shopping or from place to place at work can reset the system for increased focus, ease, enjoyment and efficiency. Completing cleaning, laundry folding or dishes mindfully and accurately is another way to rest and restore, while simultaneously making order and receiving the reward of accomplishment. Brief moments of quiet, with no sound, eyes closed and releasing tension in the face and neck can also help to reset the body from racing to calm resting. Grounding the body into the room and away from mind grinding thinking improves energy efficiency and clarity. Body scans, tensing and releasing muscle constriction, specifically in the neck and face improves mood and emotional awareness. If you find you are living like you are on a train with no eventual station or have a sense that a happier more ease-full moment only exists within your future somewhere? Shifting to a body tall posture, as well as increasing awareness of rate of movement can both be powerful practices. Creating a place where, when you slow and quiet you will see your potential and insights have more of an opportunity to flow. A making of space for clarity, order, efficiency, enjoyment and appreciation. A moment by moment of soaking it all in to truly embody your beautifully abundant life.

4 thoughts on “Embodiment of Vitality

  1. I’ve been trying to get a quiet moment. I so need a “me” day! Feeling tired and overly sensitive. Need to bring balance back. Thank you again for sharing at just the moment I need!

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