When We Meet Again

A prosperous time when we all can gather together again. A dawn filled with joyful hearts and a depth of love never before felt. A potent place where no longer remains the lesser option to ever take a single moment for granted. The gathering of worn souls, so powerful a catalyst. The pressure brought no other option but to break from the known linear walk, to a flowing dance amongst the loving hearts. The removal of respite cracked the soul into seeing. The heart in a bleak space, no choice but to courageously leap. To love and to have been apart with the privilege to meet again. My eyes full of wonder of the tapestry we will weave. Shimmering threads woven to capture our interconnected breath of relief. A collective embrace will ripple outward on the wind, my heart is expanding with this triumphant generational vision. A hopeful renaissance from the bottled energy of suffering, chaos and disorder. From the grief and the heartbreak, to a new found peaceful clarity. An unstoppable mission to mend our hearts and share our limitless love forward. A morning filled with the joy of heart stirring prosperity.

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