Cruelty and Consumption Vs. Kindness and Sustainability

The system of individuals using power and fear to control the kind and giving is just as much of a top down issue as it is directly within personal relationships. The mechanism of basically bullying has glorified monetary wealth and maintaining control and is a structure as old at time. Purposely continuing to withhold autonomy from people using stigma and judgement of value and propagating these messages about worth that are not reality, but roles that have been agreed upon to maintain power. I believe it is completely inverted with the value of the controller completely inflated and the value of the giver purposely erased. Now after hundreds of generations of this mechanism being propagated, people with zilch substance have the beauty pinned. Who were the individuals who truly built this nation with their constant efforts with little or no representation of the values they held being heard or represented? Who benefited from the status quo, where people were made to believe they had no control over their own destinies.The system is full of dog eat dog greed and the way I see it this system continuing to be glorified is the reason the Earth will be consumed at the fasted rate possible. Realistically if every person continues to be shown that the value of being rich or famous is the goal, how would 8 billion people find resources to support their insatiable consumption? The goal seems now to be a race to becoming the world’s first trillionaire. Does this world benefit from having a trillionaire, when children are not able to have their basic pyramid of needs met? I believe this is such an empty way of living, filled with fear of lacking and an insatiable desire to consume with no real finish line or satisfaction. To me a person who spends 5 minutes uninterrupted truly loving and supporting a child contains more true wealth. For the world to prosper, the people who contain the true value of loving presence need to take time to be kind to themselves. To begin to ignore the messages and lies that for whatever inverted reason they are seen as second class citizens and have less value and deserve less positive regard and dignity. Their children need to be immersed in a value system that makes sense to their little loving hearts. I am an adult and I am confused by how this diseased value system has been propagated for so long myself? I can’t imagine how a pure hearted child must view and feel about things as they appear right now. Living in a structure based on nothing of true value, only currency, status, power, control, continuation of fear, manipulation of source, consumption and selfishness. Watching kind people suffering, while the cruel seem to have so much material wealth and then having a sense that they will also have to participate in that worthless program to find their own happiness. Manipulation has been used to keep good people afraid of advocating for dignity or fearful of not providing a constant accessible source for people who benefit very comfortably from this meaningless and destructive structure. I believe quietly removing your energy from anyone or any system that uses you without regard or recognition and then to use the banked energy for self kindness. Or a time to reflect your own self kindness to your children or another person who is vulnerable to this crushing plaque of users. Showing your next generation environments filled with positive regard and self kindness. I think this system has been propagated by the kind having the fatal flaw of always wanting to see the good in others. They don’t contain these ugly drives and so they have no reference point for why or how others would choose to benefit from living off the backs of others. It seems that this has been used against them, as they have continued to sacrifice themselves from the inability to say something cruel even if it is true or the fact that they have been trained not be vulnerable and push back for fear of the cruel using shame and manipulation to maintain compliance. So this system is a loose loose, the cruel aren’t happy because only loving interactions are satiating to humans and the kind aren’t happy because they are completely drained, especially now because of this historic pandemic. The realization that there are others who could care less if you are happy or prosperous is a reality that must come to light. They only care if you are compliant and willing to continue to lie about your true needs and emotions. They would be more than happy for you to stuff every bit of your needs. They want an unlimited supply from you, but will begrudge you every drop of requirement you may have from them. They count on your strength being sapped, so they don’t have to provide you with respect, generosity, positive regard, equity or equality. This system needs to use you, yet it feels no obligation to love and care about you. Waiting around for this mechanism to volunteer to act with loving values is unrealistic and foolish. Truthfully no one can give you your freedom, but it seems they sure can keep it from you. They have no interest in handing you the keys to your autonomy and use your fear to keep you locked until your source can no longer serve them. Look how long good people have been waiting in compliance. Has that done anything for you and your children or the world they are entering? The path forward for empowerment of the kind and beautiful is to prioritize self kindness and not self sacrifice. This keeps you empty and unable to show your children how important reciprocal loving relationships are for the future of a sustainable planet. This generational pattern is propagated forward by new children being raised in environments where they are immersed in user versus taker structures. The cruel aren’t born that way they are trained by watching others use it successfully to get what they want and so they just repeat it and then their children repeat it and on down the line. To me America is just one glorified co-dependent relationship based on hate filled takers and crushed down givers. Cruelty equals rapid meaningless consumption and kindness creates meaningful, satiating sustainability.

2 thoughts on “Cruelty and Consumption Vs. Kindness and Sustainability

  1. Beautiful….you are such a gift to this world! Something I have noticed and continue to learn, this seems to be the very American way…it really is not like this everywhere. Communal communities and cultures around the world commit to the greater good vs. all their individual rights and amendments… sure is interesting. Indigenous cultures here in the US value this mindset and we still have so much to learn. Thank you for the reminder.


    1. I am so grateful for your support! It is not easy telling the truth in this climate. I envy your time spent in communities based on balance and loving kindness being prioritized. I will plan to look into the structure of our indigenous cultures. Is it true that the founding fathers based the democracy off the structure from the 5 Nations of New York? 💖


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