The Sustainability of Satiation

We all know that evolution has always been survival of the fittest. We have been so successful that there are 8.5 billion humans and we will most likely reach 10 billion. The question is now, how to we learn to recognize how are continued insatiable drive to survive and gather resources is driving us to a planetary crisis. To be a sustainable civilization the deep realization of the basic and persistent drive to consume will be crucial. I believe one of the major factors we are dealing with is purposeful manipulation of our survival mechanism. Since 1997 economists have used the term attention economy. So for almost 25 years they have been studying and using our best and brightest in think tanks to brainstorm how to purposely figure out how to absorb the rest of our available attention for profit with no regard for well being or sustainability. They manipulate the subconscious which is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious. It is based on purposefully increasing fear to increase consumption. This greed driven system to me is basically glorified drug dealing with the goal of racing to consume this Earth at the fastest rate possible for no other reason but insatiable greed and money hording. These media outlets care very little about our politics, religion or the Constitution, their passion, dedication and religion is capitalism. They use our dopamine reward system to control and addict us and our children. They use human psychology to understand these drives and poke our subconscious creating uneasiness and a sense of not enough. They play on our children’s desires for fitting into social structure and sell them influencers who have glorified money, external beauty and chaotic relationships as a desirable lifestyle. These influencers have actually been studied and found to benefit narcissistic personality types because they are masters at manipulation at any cost with the sole purpose of getting attention and to create disorder and nothing of real value. This is purposeful brainwashing and is making them believe it is an actual life goal to be rich and famous, lacking all satiating substance and purely feeding addictive tendencies. Technology and media are very difficult to pull ourselves away from because they are manufactured to provide immediate and fleeting reward from our dopamine system. This crave like any drug is never satisfied because there is never any measurable meaning, restoration or sense of enough. We are all aware they listen to our conversations and then algorithm our phones feed to put up advertisements, products, subscriptions, etc. to keep us powerless to put our phones down. They are people who are hording billions of dollars, while we are all in tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. This is a bought and sold system where greed and cruelty insight fear in the masses to consume more of anything, substances, media, goods and attention. Their top down insatiability and control of power and money is actually driving the kind to consume as well, playing on their anxiety to be liked and to be seen as perfect, so they will not be shamed or to avoid vulnerability. It is a basic control style relationship and to get out of it, you will be required to shift your environmental factors to minimize contact with the constant messages that continue to propagate systems of worth based on othering and ugly old inverted value systems that propagate division. If this pattern, habit, or construct goes unchecked and unrecognized by the society, becoming sustainable will be impossible. Life is hard enough and when the beauty of the earth is depleted, the collective longing will be devastating. Sustainability requires unity, meaning and satisfaction. The media is not going to share with you the tools to feel satisfaction, meaning, purpose, ease of being, restoration, respite and peace. In occupational therapy it is the very foundation that you need occupation and a meaningful activity to feel satisfaction and that movement is the key to ease and regulation. So obviously sitting for hours a day without actual productivity or tension decreasing movement is not what humans were born for. You will be required to plant these seeds in your own consciousnesses by shifting habits and increasing your awareness of the inverted value system that intentionally benefits from you feeling depleted, discontent, unsatisfied and threatened. To recognize that division creates friction to consume resources based on primitive tribalism. Equality needs to be seen as an absolute requirement for the continuation of all species. A home where all voices are equal, cruelty is seen and then diminished. A home where values are based on kindness, joy, positive relationships, creation and purposeful occupation. Oppression and suppression are finite and meaningful freedom is exponential and potent. Creative solutions arise from liberating and sharing all perspectives and not the continued one note of the top 1%.

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