The Energy Take Back

The new and evolving concept of the energy take back is not about recovering time and energy that was already expended. It’s about shifting long held inefficient coping habit energy, to preserve, restore and gate keep future resources. Often because of formative environments stirred with cultural beliefs, we may have had to learn hyper-independence, stoicism and self abandonment. Being a constant source, makes having balance difficult overtime as your ability to muster begins to lessen. Learning to recognize this imbalance you may be living with and accepting as just a part of typical relationships or just historically very much expected, will need to be a large part of your energy re-patterning. The gap is widening in this modern setting with working mothers, the rapidly increasing pace of society and the massive pressures from the pandemic. If you are very independent and have little external supports, it is all the more important to learn to spend some time engaging in mind space and time for your own energy preservation and restoration. Multi-tasking is a misnomer and has been found to not really be possible. All you are doing is switching focus rapidly between many demands simultaneously and it is exhausting. In most instances this imbalance may not be recognized and has just been passed down through generations and others do not intentionally take you for granted. You may even sometimes refuse help when offered due to your sensation of not wanting to burden others. This energy habit is unsustainable, inefficient and causes various stress related health conditions. Once you have the recognition that you may be living in this fashion, there are many strategies that can be utilized to shift back into a space of health to better serve you and everyone in your life more efficiently. Listen to your inner messages, set boundaries and never say yes to extras when you don’t feel like you have the energy to follow through. If your tank is already diminished saying no is a must. Shift away from those who you feel have consistently taken the life out of your life. If your interactions have left you feeling powerless, depleted and losing vitality limit further time spent. Learn to deeply listen to your body and avoid all sources that bring out immediate reactive strain on your body. If your stomach is tense and your heart rate begins to increase this is flight and is signaling an inefficient environmental factor. Shifting speech to positive content is also very powerful. Often we criticize those who have harmed us. This habit means that they are still draining your tank even when not in your presence. It’s not that you don’t feel hurt, it is that repeating the hurt perpetuates the energy drain from it. It is just another form of gossip, which is never satiating for very long, gives a momentary blip in energy and has a fleeting nature to it anyway. Another form of draining speech is negative self talk. Self criticism is a no way! Reality check yourself, you are kind, loving and giving. You have no reason to trash yourself whatsoever! You are wiring your brain with messages of unworthiness and self doubt. These messages your brain receives in repetition are what it continues to believe and further continues to send painful messages from your thinking into your body. Override and shift speech to highlighting gratitude and the beauty that resides within you and others. Talk about planning joyful activities or reminiscing about fond memories or nostalgic times that made you feel whole and authentic. Expanding the positive content in your life is a restorative method and restructures your neuro-pathways away from previous repetitive coping habits. Avoid spaces that require you to manufacture a persona or polish up your mask to feel worthy. A place where you are using inner energy to imagine what others will find acceptable. This is you creating an image based on value judgments that in reality don’t contain true satiating wealth anyway. When utilizing media, purposefully shift your algorithm to healing and restorative topics. Change your feed into containing messages that un-brainwash you away from constant inverted beliefs about value. Repetition of messages is imperative to rewire generations of inverted values about true wealth, meaning and purpose. Using time to look at restorative hobbies like art, music, gardening, pets, cooking, crafting, natural spaces, literature, mindfulness, meditation, ease of being, nostalgia or anything that you have found enjoyment from or have always wanted to look further into but just couldn’t find the time. Your media time can be propagating the habits that are making you depleted and unsatisfied and shifting it to healing and restorative visual content is a powerful method to build positivity and hopefulness. Ultimately, your freedom resides on the other side of your fear. Putting down and rewiring old repetitive habits that are life long, that are deep trenches in your brain, that have increased or propagated your anxiety or discomfort is a requirement. These patterns of behavior were always attempts to find ease and relief and if they were ever going to be successful they would have worked by now. They have only deepened the pathways of anxiety and avoidance and addictive patterns. Excavating and restructuring energy to get a more easeful base, provides a more open place for engaging with long held difficult emotions. Reclaim your power, you are courageous and your beautiful energy is yours and your children’s. You are under absolutely no obligation to give it to anyone else, who does not reflect this same level of kindness back to you. Be brave to be your authentic and autonomous self. Trust yourself and take a little leap. You have carried a mountain and must reflect deeply on your true strength to always keep on walking, while carrying so much burden. Find comfort in knowing that you are not walking alone, it just may be that the other healing travelers and companions are just a bit farther ahead on the trail or maybe just a bit behind. I believe we will all come together and coalesce! This restructuring is just getting started and it will take time to rebuild and gather your people. Move towards conversations and time with those who have always left you feeling inspired, feeling like your true self, who gave you a sense of ease and who brought out the very best pieces within you! Enjoy your new journey, it is one of joy, happiness, freedom and feeling enough. The life you so deserve and have always been reaching towards! Now, the rule is just be yourself and stop always doing. You are a human being and not a human doing!

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