From Ashes to Liberation

Long ago one courageous leap away from an all too familiar home. Sailing on the current with an endless horizon into the great mystery unknown. To take the breath and then to soar, the resolution to move forward seemed easier than to remain motionless living in a story untold. A wonder from within, the quiet pull the voice that just has always been. To reside in a confusion without hope of freedom just wasn’t within my options, so I listened deeply to the source of surrender and began over and over again. Once a heart like solid ore, now fluid and open. Before no sensation, now beats to the music of the timeless dimension. The beauty and the peace I now contain, are only the reflection of the suffering encountered along my lone climb to the summit. To have been turned into ashes and to be left without form, to rest in despair a place beyond previously held knowns. The only rule that remained was to be fearless and encounter the heavy truth of what I so wanted to escape from. Then in a moment cracked the wall of fear into a recognition of loving forgiveness. An understanding of broken souls, all just in one longing unison. Now to walk forward with no expectations, into a new day without long held limitations. From constriction, to a sensation of the stillness of a long lost wondertime reclaimed. The eyes are always the witness to a souls journey, unchangeable and forever ageless. To have the realization that your true nature is yours, unbroken and divinely given. The sky is wide within this new found view of a once misconceived and uncharted liberation.

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