The Sovereignty of Your True Nature

To reside within your true nature is the gate to loving freedom and living a meaningful and satiating life. It’s to contain emotional sovereignty from the constant difficult repetition of the grinding egoic thinking mind. To be resting in awareness and clarity with a deeper sense of ease and peace. With the practices of mindfulness and meditation, we learn to breathe and to embody silence and stillness. To take the time to deeply listen to the interoceptive emotional messages and signals within the body. To quell the nervous system from the continual movement and stressful pull towards never enough. To spend time in an easeful space, where there is a sense of calm, peace and having less strife. A balanced sensation away from the tension to deplete yourself of emotional energy beyond your bodies limits. This unencumbered place of freedom is where you find your true passions. A wider knowing and ability to hear your intuition and insights. A fountain of inspiration full of loving presence, potency and prosperity. The contrast is the familiar sensation of being over involved in old conditioned habits, the energy of being driven by fears or distressful thinking. The coping mechanism of survival and reactivity that we have utilized since childhood to strain ever forward, with little sense of satiation. When utilizing the familiar thinking habits there is a relentless sense of rushing, racing and uneasiness to get to a constantly moving finish line. The tension within the core of the body of frenetic stress, that is depleting and draining. A dwindling mechanism that overtime taxes the body and creates stress illness, decreased longevity, quality of life and well being. When we are in our ruminating mind we feel foggy and our experience can get into a whirl. This leaves little room for decision making and efficiency of planning. The practices of getting to know your true nature are restorative and improve accuracy and efficiency. They are preservative and potent and give a sense of being in the flow of occupation or the zone of clarity. There is a slowing of the pace and a realization that the body has been required to move at a much faster rate than feels natural, manageable or sustainable. Mindful breathing is the anchor and the always accessible gate to stillness and silence. You can practice mindful occupations including slow and accurate movements when completing daily tasks of washing dishes, folding laundry or anything that requires repetition of movement. To have a realization that you often contain a tension in the body to rush through your tasks, which then increases the desire to procrastinate and avoid, further draining your time and resources. To shift into the breath and look deeply at the textures and colors of the objects. To listen and feel the messages from the body, while in the flow of occupation. This practice can be valuable when participating in eating as well. Eating should be a time of rest and restoration. A gathering of family after completing the collective challenges of the day. To rush through the meal is to miss the opportunity to savor the rewards of your time spent. To look at the colors and textures of the food, to take in the smell and taste deeply. To listen to the other members of the family sharing the highlights of the successes and difficulties of their day. To possibly begin with a calming and orienting task of waiting for one another to share an experience of what they feel grateful for. A restorative space of deeper listening and looking, to take your loved ones in and to savor their beauty and unique gifts for a moment. To make the shared time experiential and to embody the meaning of why you all are privileged to share life with one another. These restorative strategies can be utilized during any purposeful occupation, including gardening, nature walking, crafting, movement tasks, pet therapy, cooking or baking, music listening or dancing. It is an immersion and embodiment of the current task with a deeper sense of purpose and the benefit of seeing it from a more refined and clear perspective. Away from the cloudy, strain of stress and race to get through everything, only to find yourself in a pattern of rushing on to the next and never truly pausing to enjoy even the most powerful of life’s moments. The practices of training the mind and body away from reactivity and towards liberation begins with small and frequent windows of time re-patterning the mind to stop, breathe, listen and take it all in. To have the increasing awareness that you have been lost in the ruminating thinking mind and time has passed without much realization. Over time you will begin to have an ever expanding sense of lightness and feel more safe and centered. Life’s simpler moments then come to contain a grand and noble sense. You will feel drawn by your inner voice that has been excavated to participate in your true purpose. Loving kindness and desire to serve is a natural overflow from being in this state of true nature and divine presence. To enter into the true self or the witness that has always been unchanged by time or experience. A space of having no argument with what is, no matter the level of difficulty. The lessening of the constant existential friction that is driven by evolution and survival, but steals autonomy and freedom. A decrease in the habit energy of repetitive thoughts without a drop of change in the outcomes. The deep sense of relief and a beautiful emptiness away from the massive burden of life’s demands. A sense of being resilient and containing the power to ever increasingly take on life’s challenges with greater courage and willingness to tolerate the resistance and to leap forward. To be more capable of overcoming again and again. To a build a deep sense of autonomy away from the feeling of once being adrift and just reacting to what ever came your way. A great well of emotional resilience and bravery. A potent realization of the pain you have endured and the great satisfaction of knowing you are a mountain of strength. The abundant place to get to know your true self, unencumbered by coping mechanisms. A deepening sense of autonomy and authenticity and true meaning. A place of truth about your unique gifts and gift of heart given to you by your birth. A well of inspiration to draw from that has been uncovered and accessible with every passing moment spent breathing and listening to your own song. A requirement for living your truth and then sharing this experience with your children and family. The most meaningful and purposeful occupation in life is to find and live within your true nature. To have emotional sovereignty and to share your own voice and gifts with your loves. This is the biggest skill to provide to your children, to teach them to always listen deeply to their truth and to lessen the external pull from the world that is a constant source of egoic strain and contains no true satiating wealth. Ease of being and residing within your true nature is powerful medicine and I believe is the source from which we will collectively restructure, heal and preserve ourselves and our home on this rare and beautiful Earth.

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