The Alchemy of the Broken

God resides below. A cold and broken angel without wings. Flight stolen, eyes so dim. A knowing lost, a heart gone so dark. How to proceed with all hope and grace lost? Take a breath, stand up, keep your noble face. Courage is a word not quite suited or enough for this tormented place! To have no option, but to touch the abyss and enter in to it. Brought a flash of glory untold in the lore as I have learned it. The depths are a cruelty, I am uncertain of why it is a truth? The contrast of peace is my only worthy measure, the beauty from the ashes is divine and so wordless. A decimated body, a soul left with only questions? The answers are my mission, I’ll leave no door closed, no book left unopened. My seeking lead me down an unseen and stony road. To say I would have agreed to such brutality, I reflect upon further and believe it is without any question and nothing but a certainty! I take nothing off the table, to ensure a moment of ease to share forward. I am intolerant of pain and the loss that it causes. Peace is a given, the keys are within. You are beautiful and your birthright is freedom. To let go and let be, is a treasure you have stored. Close your eyes and empty the body, you will not fall. Divine hands are your guardian to bring mercy and carry your burden. A stripped down warrior, no shield or armor. The only weapon was deep listening to a silent rhythm from the depths so hidden. Fusion of the shattered pieces, the alchemy of the broken. A creation from shards, into a loving vision unspoken. Limitless and undaunted, to reach the summit over and over again. To imagine an opponent or barrier now, leaves little images or options left open? From a hearts devastation, to a wholeness just taking it’s first flight. Learning again, to soar above the old fight. The wreckage, a sense of in-pieces. My future is uncharted, the restoration is choiceless. The deeper knowing of my courage and inability to give in and back down. An eternal will, a test of the heart. To always remain powerful and hold my own. I don’t view horizontal, I see the sky without any limits. I will always find my way, I have overcome hiding from challenges. Grief has been my grail, the pain my purpose. The suffering is my source and longing my living. Even when hate snuffed my inner candle, I remained steady and kept my word to fulfill this million year soul mission.

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