You Never Know Who You Might Save

If you have ever wondered, what could I have done to help another suffer less? I believe the answer resides within the hearts of each one of us individually. Though we have advanced our civilization in many ways, it seems we continue to remain very separate and distant from one other. We do have great love, but struggle with the vulnerability to be open and truly available. We stay busy, distracting ourselves participating in escapism, yet when required to engage deeply and listen we feel resistance and hesitation. For many, our hearts are locked away from many generations of painful struggle and for some even an embrace feels too close and exposed. Our relationships could benefit from every one of us working to calm our reactive and overwhelmed systems. Feeling deeply into the truth of our emotion, even when it is difficult. Sharing forward our gradually expanding ability to be open, available and aware of each other’s hearts and burdens. Creating a fabric of loving presence and comfort, that would expand outward strengthening community overtime. This, I believe is the way to stem the losses and to increase the well of hope for those who feel alone and without options. To create a shield from the pull that this place does not contain the love to save us. Building a home of warmth and connectivity in our families, communities, society and culture. This resource is available only within each of us, within our individual decisions and moments to save ourselves from more moments of fear, grief and longing. It rests on us collectively together and not just upon the beings who suffer the most because of the fear of shame and judgement and then their loving families who struggle to support them. That is an unfair burden on those who have already paid the highest of cost. Truthfully, it is complacent to imagine that somehow we are immune from one day also becoming a person who too may be impacted by the same circumstance. Being preventative is always the answer and this prevention is all of our responsibility. Believing otherwise will inevitably end in more tragedy. To move forward with a desire for freedom of heart, vulnerability, truth, autonomy and authenticity from this current culture that requires uniformity and shuns diversity in every form. Practicing resting our fearful divided systems, increasing availability and cultivating true open presence will all decrease our own need to escape from ourselves. Only then can we provide a model for our children and families of safe, unconditional non-judgmental relationships. The great importance of building trust within yourself has never been more vital than now. Moving toward providing a reflection of availability, reciprocation and understanding that demonstrates true engagement and embracing another’s heart fully. You will never know who you might save and that is an immeasurable gift to those who will never have to suffer the loss.

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