Embodiment of Vitality

Efficiency of the body and it’s energy is vital for well-being and longevity. Rushing around with the mind in a whirl is taxing and creates injuries, accidents and cumulative stress illness. Muscle strain and body tension builds, especially in the upper back, neck and face. If we stop and complete a check in, we may find that our eyes are tired, ears are ringing, teeth are clenched, tongue is tense and our head is leaning forward and out of balance. When shoulders are rounded the chest is tight, the lungs are limited, the breath is shallow and the nervous system reacts accordingly. We become overstimulated and reactive, which eventually leads to burnout. Inversely, to maintain a noble chin, tall back, shoulder blades back, ribs up posture, frees up the diaphragm and assists the nervous system in observing confidence and strength. Posture has been found to influence sense of self, mood, stress tolerance and vitality. Breath is life and slowing down to complete simple activities can be preventative and restorative practices. To increase and improve awareness of our rate and accuracy of movement enhances energy consumption. Mindful walking when shopping or from place to place at work can reset the system for increased focus, ease, enjoyment and efficiency. Completing cleaning, laundry folding or dishes mindfully and accurately is another way to rest and restore, while simultaneously making order and receiving the reward of accomplishment. Brief moments of quiet, with no sound, eyes closed and releasing tension in the face and neck can also help to reset the body from racing to calm resting. Grounding the body into the room and away from mind grinding thinking improves energy efficiency and clarity. Body scans, tensing and releasing muscle constriction, specifically in the neck and face improves mood and emotional awareness. If you find you are living like you are on a train with no eventual station or have a sense that a happier more ease-full moment only exists within your future somewhere? Shifting to a body tall posture, as well as increasing awareness of rate of movement can both be powerful practices. Creating a place where, when you slow and quiet you will see your potential and insights have more of an opportunity to flow. A making of space for clarity, order, efficiency, enjoyment and appreciation. A moment by moment of soaking it all in to truly embody your beautifully abundant life.

The Restorative Potential of Awareness

If it seems a lot of people rely on you, your longevity is going to depend on finding balance. You may look out and realize that currently you are attempting to use all of your energy to regulate your environment. You may be attempting to keep order and comfort others as a extension of your own inability to tolerate distress in yourself and therefore in the others around you. You can teach co-regulation that eventually should lead to self-regulation, but be mindful not to be creating co-dependent situations that interfere with the autonomy of all involved. To begin, become more aware of your own inner signals of overwhelm or exhaustion. You may have set the stage for others to only be considering what they need in order to be comfortable, with minimal awareness of the idea that you require preservation and restoration as well. If at first you are unable to ask for help, at least ask for time. You will have to take back slowly your time and energy and reduce your constant involvement with every drop of the environmental concerns and demands within your home. If you don’t have access to help and are caring for others on your own, it is all the more important to model and teach your children effective strategies of self regulation to deal with challenging emotions. You are their living example, demonstrating life skills of respite including art, music, nature walking, gardening, mindful activities, reading or activities that are satiating and calming will be very crucial. Technology is addictive, insatiable and dysregulating, quiet appreciation of beauty is a sanctuary that can be carried throughout their lifetimes. If you have any sense that you would like something to be different, you will be required to make space for it to unfold or become. If you currently have no room available or are continuously distracted it can never manifest. Don’t feel guilty for spending time to care for yourself, everyone involved benefits from you preserving or restoring your system. You must demand your time as having equal value, if you don’t you are teaching others that either they will become someone who gives every drop to satiate others or even worse a person who believes they are entitled to take every drop from someone else. Respite is not a window of time that should be filled with more strain or striving to your system. It is creating an empty space to fill in with restoration and sanctuary. Open empty time is not valued by this culture and has created a situation where their is no room at all for the sensation of enough or wholeness. The fleeting feeling of reaching forward, with limited resources to do so is what we are left with. I believe strongly that in the beginning even taking a 15 minute window can become exponential. Overtime, the realization of how powerful these brief moments can be in preventing or maintaining stress illness will become evident. Practicing well being and ease is not something to begin after all your ducks are in a row. Well being is done first, so that your ducks actually have any chance of getting into a row. Make open space for your vision of what your satisfying future looks like and then rest in the now to make it come to fruition. Your energy is a powerhouse of endurance, that with small windows of reorganizing awareness can become efficient and so potent.

Guarding Your Energy Gate

Energy sink holes, quick sand, traps or down spiral triggers:

Anyone or anything who turns up your self doubt and steals your authenticity. Awareness of the sensation that you feel the need to protect yourself from judgment. You wouldn’t allow anyone to siphon your actual bank account. If all of your time is filled up, you will need to prioritize making open space for growing your good and be very aware of what fills your cup or drains it?

Procrastination or avoiding, drains energy and blocks you from initiating tasks and saving time for more preferred restorative activity. Moments add up to days, weeks, years and lifetimes. If you have to do it eventually, starting now can conserve energy draining thinking.

Rumination, the past can’t be changed, so if it was difficult see it as a lesson. The future is always uncertain and attempting to predict can fill the day. The present is where to find autonomy and a freedom filled life.

Energy shields or restorers:

Resting you physical vessel before in deficit. Walking mediation, rhythmic, reciprocal movement. heavy work tasks, interoceptive awareness of emotional landscape.

Imersion in beauty. The natural world, arts, music, dancing, science or anything that speaks to you or your children’s soul. Environmental factors are the content within which your experience unfolds.

Inch towards novelty and away from comfortable old habits of cyclical familiar stuckness. The powerful one step, one breath, one thought. Initiation begins within the courageous one. Old wisdom should be kept and broken coping mechanisms should be let go of.

Joyful engagement with friends and family who make you feel comfortable to be your authentic self. Listening deeply to a child’s truthful perspective can be the most rewarding.

Writing to empty the heart and make room for something new. Thinking can consume time and remain stuck in a broken cycle. Writing can assist you in finding your deeper truth and freeing you to create open space to fill with ease. The page requires nothing from you and can give you freedom from mind grinding thoughts.

America the Beautiful

America it seems is a contrast between the greatest of beauties and the greatest of pains. Her origins were of a native people with wisdom of her majestic natural landscape that were devastated by immense violence and lack of understanding. She then became filled with the strongest of people from around the world who contained a vast amount of cultural gifts as well as an irresistible drive to risk it all to leap as far away from their epi-genetic curse as possible, hoping for a new opportunity. She then experienced a horrific window of time where people were stolen from all they had ever known and brought to a strange land filled with cruelty and lacking. These beginnings have created a storage of pain and suffering that has never been addressed because of the constant message to crave and push towards obtaining material success and not the true wealth of autonomy and ease of being. It seems now with the lack of occupations of survival including creating food and shelter, compiled with the lack of meaning and purpose, we are left with pent up energy that has never been meant to be satiated by distractions. This has left one thousand generations of unresolved pain exposed in a sour mash of dysfunction, as well as a potent well of untapped inspiration, creativity and innovation. I believe understanding our family origins is crucial for understanding both our cultural gifts as well as collective traumas. To move forward with the awareness of how both of these factors have influenced our broken and beautiful pieces. What rules to leave behind and the rules to use to move lovingly forward. What sensations of pain or cyclical generational coping do you contain right now that have you chained to a brutal past and what wisdom and knowledge can you keep to create a beautiful society. One filled with true freedom, autonomy, restoration, peace and loving presence. Sovereignty for our nation will be found within each individual citizen’s heart. Within their freedom from fear and ability to courageously listen deeply to their true purpose, coalescing collectively in a truth of what this awe inspiring land was destined for.

A Path to Equality and Empowerment

True wealth resides within the heart and to tread on this is unjust and cruel. To propagate inequity is beyond my understanding and is unfathomable at it’s core. It has been said before and in various ways, that you can never legislate an unconditional loving heart! In my belief this is very true and besides continuing to provide crucial legislation protecting equality, there would also be a great benefit of a parallel method of unburdening the beauty of the marginalized and oppressed. Working to strengthen the resilience and ease of the marginalized is a powerful way to create a beautiful community and country. Whether the rational for placing an individual in a box of lesser, is based on race, gender, socioeconomic status, age, ability, physical or mental health, etc. it all requires the worn out construct of othering. To use uglification to devalue another and in an attempt to protect one’s own security. All humans evolved to quickly and reactively make judgments based on differences, to ensure conditions to survive more efficiently. However, over time this has created an inverted view of the true value that resides within every individual. The unfortunate truth is, that when you tread on another’s freedom and peace it is always fleeting and unsustainable. There is never lasting satiation and it is an endless craving, without fulfillment or a sensation of true stability. The oppressor benefits in a continually finite way on their victims. They require constant submission and compliance to continue to feel secure within their habit structure. Finger pointing creates a sense of lacking and a clamp within the accused and just creates further division. The function of these constricted habits is that if challenged it could be a risk, as they will always push back to preserve their power and controlling ways. To interrupt these patterns they would be required to take a deep look into their beliefs and have the recognition that they are harmful to others, as well as themselves. I see it as a consumption of souls, that creates a wound within the hearts of the vulnerable as well as the cruel that continually saps their lightness and ease. The solution, as I see it is to of course continue to strongly voice opposition to these broken cultural constructs, however simultaneously creating conditions for freedom and ease in the populations that are continuing to be oppressed. Increasing strength and inner wealth through calming every individuals system and then intern entire communities. To create a reflection of strength within all individuals, therefore requiring the hate and cruelty to move away or transform themselves when they see their own dysfunctional patterns. To provide a stable base of loving support, a platform of security for the weary heart. A prioritizing of creating conditions that quiet the hyper-vigilant system. Families, communities and a country built on connectivity, unconditional understanding and shared trust. Our current inverted conditions have created very difficult realities with epigenetics, which play a powerful role in the mortality of the marginalized. The strain from an environment with a difficult history and it’s negative impact on the mind, body and spirit, creates the next generation of children’s self concepts and view of the world. Their ability to have trusting relationships within their society, has an impact that can last a lifetime. Stigma is dangerous and should be brought to light, the way it increases shame, guilt and fear within a person and steals their freedom to access their lives with ease. We learn to hide in plain sight for fear of being exposed as somehow lesser. This is at the base so broken, as everyone by birth is deserving of being seen with the same intrinsic value. I believe that if freedom and loving beauty continues to be crushed down by the ugly, it will continue to be very difficult for a person to feel strong enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable. To work towards expanding and sharing forward their truth and beauty. If they are completely overburdened by the base need of survival and their system is continually threatened, it limits access to creativity, insight and interconnectivity. Not always, but likely the individual will dissociate and remain shut down cutting off their access to their true voice and potency. If the burden of centuries of inequality were to be lifted, I believe the potential would be unfathomable and quite possibly exponential. For empowerment is learning to trust yourself and your strength. To have a recognition of the endurance you already contain based on the burden you have carried for so long. Increasing your ability to be vulnerable and decreasing signals of hesitation. Taking a risk when in the past you would have held back. It requires a practice of regulating and calming the system and resting with whatever is courageously. To support creating a society based on providing loving and satiating support, versus one based on finite consumption of resources and power hoarding and control is more important than ever. One where the true value of every individuals perspective is seen as a high value. There is absolutely never a certainty of which individual, if given the opportunity might have an insight into how to preserve this beautiful world. To continue to make limited judgments based on any factor, especially at this time in our history is dangerous to our continued ability to remain viable on this earth. In the long view, the collective future of all of our children will depend on each individuals moment by moment decisions in the now. Remaining fearful and cruel is dwindling and inevitably will create a limited outcome. Sharing hope, loving presence, understanding, restoration and comfort are the keys to our combined possibility and our universal true hearts desire to live in contentment within a peaceful fulfilling home.

A Happy Life- Habit Energy Vs. Ease of Being

Experiencing ease of being is never about a one and done situation, at least not for the majority of us anyway. It requires an all in sincerity and a moment by moment recalibration of the system. From the very beginning , I have utilized training to the breath as a gateway to enter as closely as possible into the truth of each moment. I have practiced movement meditation and carry it throughout my entire day. No matter where I am, I focus on the awareness of my body, breath and sensations of my environmental landscape. In the beginning maintaining awareness for even a moment was a great challenge. I had a nervous system that had practiced hyper vigilance and reactivity for 35 years. To rewire the brain takes a dedicated practice. Over time, my windows of awareness have increased in both frequency and duration. I have become increasingly able to go from a disassociated constant thinking pattern, to more moments of ease of being. Repetition is required for all learning, especially in uncovering patterns of old inefficient habit energy. From a constant state of rumination, to a stillness and silence from existential friction and constriction. If you have a worn out method you must move towards a novel way, if you ever want to experience a different result. This at least for me required a wholehearted, courageous, never give up attitude. The question always is, are you happy with things in this present? Or what does the moment you are still seeking contain? Find out where is your destination and then I believe you must use every possible method and strategy to overcome the deeply ingrained habits you are so very use to. This is also always a path you must walk alone. It is deep inner work, where there is a constant facing of the truth within yourself. Every moment you experience contains a message? What is your state within this now? Is it easefull or stifling? Whatever it is, whether experienced as good or bad, easy or difficult, get as close to your emotions as you can possibly muster! You can tolerate the difficult sensations, you already are. The movement is to transmute this suffering into the present now that contains a quiet peacefulness. A clarity and truth, a beauty and the connectivity your heart so deeply longs for. A very important practice is prioritizing, recognizing and investigating, is this thought stream of constriction really worth it? Does it add to my joy or benefit? Is it driving me endlessly forward in a repetitive manner that feels like going in circles? Monitoring the content of what you allow into your environment is vastly important. Question, is it purposefully irritating, incendiary or to make me feel an increasing sense of lacking? Is it a product of unease? Our culture is filled with lacking in all forms of media. It is sold to stir the emotion and to increase desires for endless consumption. It is a vicious cycle of an insatiable craving for more. This hunger never releases it’s grip, as it is based in our survival, however you can come to realize you are caught up in it’s pull. Further more, true joy and happiness are never about excitement or a shiny moment anyway. These brief moments are fleeting and cannot sustain you. A base of ease does however, give the great benefit of enhancing these awesome moments when they do occur. So get quiet, it’s free. Be alone with no external unnecessary stimulating content. You don’t need any fancy accouterments, they are a distraction. Get involved deeply with all elements of nature. Your sanctuary has always been available within. Seek that still comfort and fall below the rapid and chaotic race of the everyday structure. This is a place of simplicity that contains everything. An easy space where true wealth resides. A stripped down emptiness, yet simultaneously so abundantly full. A life so worth living, one filled with a vividness and potency. Your satisfaction with life depends on every new fresh moment and how you decide to fill it. These moments add up to hours, days and years. How does your long view look? What can you do in this very moment to make this future you envision come to life? Take a breath, take a step, find your truth and let it unfold?

The Energy of Relationship-Finite or Fusion?

You know the feeling of being around a person that when they walk away you just feel so much better or you have a sensation of wholeness from within? Unfortunately, then there is the situation where there is the direct opposite and a person sends you down the negative emotional spiral into feelings of friction, judgment or a sensation that you are lacking.. Does your relationship feel like a sanctuary or is it you being marginalized? Does this person fill the cup of your heart or drain you of your beauty? This is the fuel of the heart and is just as important as taking sustaining nourishment. Ask yourself, are you a member of the Starving Hearts? If being in the presence of another leaves you feeling depleted, the forward idea is to repair this relationship or if necessary limit your time spent with them. Your honesty about what you will need to move forward is a healing path for all involved. The truth is in these imbalanced relationships, nobody gains, especially the oppressor. They continue their finite ways of consuming others beauty to prop up their void. If allowed to continue they will remain the lesser version of themselves. The hopeful idea is that if you find the strength to ask for what you require and they do truly have love for you there will be restoration. This person may have just been using inefficient coping mechanisms from damaged past relationships. It’s possible they may not have even known how their behavior was affecting others. The hope is that they will have a reflection of how their habits have short changed all involved. Otherwise, if there was not a true foundation of love and they only feel challenged or put out, they will be required to move away from this relationship. Either way you will move forward with more energy and beauty to share with others who will reciprocate your kindness and giving. Love and sharing are a fusion and sustain themselves infinitely. Cruelty is so finite and requires constant dwindling feeding. A one sided relationship has less than zero benefit, it is a negative ledger leaving you with a depleted body. The question is especially right now, how much extra energy do any of us have to give without sharing? If your heart is already in the red, taking care of your inner resources is all the more crucial. Sacrificing everything you contain for the fleeting comfort of someone else is not fair and its simply unsustainable. Your futile attempt to pacify an insatiable other will fail. It’s drain has a crushing pace and overtime leads to your feelings of decreased value or being less important. We all contain equal value given to us by our birth, no one’s comfort is to be prioritized over another! We may believe that if we shower another with kindness we can change them or we may contain a deep sense that they are a deeply loving person that has so much more potential. There may also be an undercurrent of us being supportive to keep the peace. That if we live on marbles, we will somehow prevent their unpredictability, conflict or stressful encounters. Then one day we look up to catch our breath and realize we have preserved nothing for ourselves and have nothing left to give. That we have been utilizing our own ineffective coping strategies, learned in our own past in an attempt to remain comfortable. We teach others how to treat us and they get very comfortable with our iron lung giving. We all take the path of least resistance, but in reality it puts us all on fumes. The easy way of remaining in dysfunction is inverted and a broken culturally built construct. In the end everyone must work to regulate their own system, you cannot provide shelter for them from themselves indefinitely. There will be no growth for anyone and quite possibly there will be a regression of beauty overtime. A constant stream of reactivity, followed by you scrambling to pick up the pieces. Bitterness, resentment and cold anger may be the result of sustaining these imbalanced exchanges. Sharing that of course you are willing to give it all to preserve the relationship, but that it must be restorative and filled with reciprocal loving presence. If you calm your own body, work on increasing your resiliency and repairing your sense of inner wealth, you will have a stronger platform with which to make these difficult requests. The benefit for all, is that it will lead to increasing your ability to sustain caring for everyone in your life. You have carried the burden and without it on your back you most likely could stroll to the summit. Honestly, look at the amount of support you have provided without the other giving back! Imagine, what you would be capable of if provided with even a bit of comfort and shelter. In truth, life is made up of moments and each and every time you can move towards satiating drops of beauty it increases overall satisfaction. Loving, balanced relationships require patience and understanding and will never be perfect. Though if based on a mutual agreement to support the others heart, they can be a refuge or a home for healing, restoration and unconditional loving support. An infinite expansion and hearth for you and all of your deserving loved ones to prosper and rest their weary hearts.

A Divine Dawn

A love filled dawn, the sunrise of existence. My heart beats, so open and without resistance. A pure gateless presence, a sense to heal and find an ever deepening truth. The memories of constant crashing into the break, tossed about in the turbulent surf. I reached the shore and stepped freely onto the sand. A walk to life, a fresh path untouched and without footprints. A wonderment, a lovestruck awe, this unfathomable living. The divine view, an unseen story. A distant echo from the depths, once only glimmering reflections. The calling, a beckoning to slow the pace. To turn the tide, to end the wounding chase. The new found glory, an unfolding of beauty. The lifting of hesitation, wide open and unencumbered. The dance of my soul, breathtaking in it’s movement. A glide, a leap, a body weightless in it’s bounding fluid presence. The morning brings hope and potential, a precious unwritten moment. Eyes so full, the view unexpected. The sound of peace silent yet abundant. The vessel in great need of reparations, worn so thin yet whole at it’s origins. A frail shell filled with the strength of a mountain. Steadfast and courageous, a heart so proven. Vanquished by time and it’s cruelest of measures. A soul in repose, a still and pure loving essence. The rise of the daylight shadows and mist, the glorious beginnings. A life of love, full of riches and so wordlessly lavish.

Golden Hearts

A oneness with the infinite, I sense no hesitation. I stand freely under the light of the moon lit sky, the stars signal the beauty. The silence within it all a connection to the gate of no time. A golden thread to tie our hearts. Nomads wandering adrift, lovers soul’s bound by destiny. A once misunderstood broken, became pure harmony. Love is simply not a word that describes this essence between fully. Eternal divine presence contains the closest reflection. I sit moonstruck by the potency of this old yet, new found union. My body contains volumes, my soul is humbled by the vastness of our kinship. You are a mighty guardian, I rest in you and feel so at home. Your shelter, your protection gives me balance to venture further into my mysterious unknown. My gratitude for your agreement to love me forever, quite a contract we entered into. The challenge and sacrifice, so painful and full of anguish. How did our souls believe we could sustain all the losses? To see the moment when we had nothing between. A grief I will hold for eternity, a bleed that emptied my heart of all it’s beauty. The cruelty of the path, she is so damned brutal. To exist in infinite divinity it seems you must walk the darkest of trails alone. The contrast is simply the only way to know the whole truth, from the hopeless midnight to the potent dawn. From all is lost, to the spark of our love’s ignition. A passion wordless and so fiercely wide open! I sit love drunk and mesmerized by this unseen turn of unfathomable love fortune.

A Liberated Heart

The curious and potent emptiness of the shift into no pain, the healed tender heart. The still echo of eternal rest found within, a ceasing of endless bracing for an easier way. Beauty beyond any measure, the gate was your sorrow. The sea once overwhelmed, then turns into pure potential. An abundant liberation, love answers all query’s? Endless wondering in the dark, then shifts into a bath of warm celebration. Quench the thirst of 1000 years of blight. No limited measure of worth, a level plane of expanse given by entering into this life. Potential builds an unlimited bond, gathering together no longer a great chasm between. Exponential growth unknown, an endless wonder time of united living. Constriction an old worn out history, a dark time of lacking. A lesson of the sorrow created by being divided, a sense of existing in anguish within the gap. A cessation of longing for an unknown beauty. A desperation, a pain never truly told. A grief of what one lost, once no wealth to hold. A dearth of ease, a never known gold. Hurt wordless, a pressure so heavy. Unseen, unshared, a lonely held so closely. Hidden fear, oppressive emotions always stored so deeply. A separation from the body, sensations so distant, so undercover. A realization, an opening into real truth of feeling. Come alive to the sense of free being. Breathe into the heart to unlock the old burden. Seek deeply the pain to end the cruel hurting. A realization of what felt like and eternal struggle. A final clear seeing of the congested heart, the mind shrouded and troubled. Unfathomable emptying of noise and suffering. Once covering the pure love, one had been so blind too. Beauty fills the new opening, a pouring of golden stillness. A vessel once a sieve, becomes filled with a powerful peace overflowing. A moment of grief to honor the long past sufferings. True happiness becomes a novel experience. A never emotion, then brings a moment of memorizing unknown? What can this quiet loving emptiness even be? The mind no longer in worry, a body in first true peace. Stillness a gift, a driving message. A ceasing of movement, a surrender into bliss. A quandary of why this seemed so unattainable? It makes all the sense the pain of an imprisoned heart is brutal and unsustainable.